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The Best Time to Replace Windows and Doors

The Best Time to Replace Windows and Doors

As springtime begins to fade into summer, many homeowners are ready to plan their next home renovation projects. If the colder seasons were particularly harsh on your home –or energy bill—this past year, you may be thinking it is time to replace those old windows and doors, so you don’t have the same issues when fall and winter roll around again.

At the same time, now that it’s getting warm out, these issues may not be at the top of your list of priorities when it comes to your home renovation or remodel goals. So, if you’re a savvy homeowner in this situation, you’re probably wondering, “When is the best time to replace windows and doors?” No need to worry, we’ll walk you through the key factors to consider that will help you make the right decision for your situation. If possible, your best bet is to replace windows and doors during spring or summer.

There are many reasons to time your window and door replacements to take place during the warmer seasons, ideally spring or early summer. The most obvious reason is to avoid letting in cold air while the windows and doors are off, since this will almost certainly send your heating bills through the roof—not to mention make it very uncomfortable should you need to be in your home during the replacement process. But beyond that, there are other ways in which cold weather can negatively impact your window or door replacement project. For example, caulk adheres better in the warmer weather than in very cold temperatures.

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According to modernize.com, “Ideally, latex caulk should only be applied when temperatures range between 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.” What’s more, “Some materials—particularly vinyl and aluminum—expand in warm weather and contract in the cold. If you or your contractor caulk your windows when the weather is too cold, the caulk could crack and split when the materials eventually contract as a result of temperature drop.” That said, caulk also won’t cure properly in very hot (above 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit) weather—so don’t plan your replacement for the dead of summer, either. If you need to, replacing windows or doors in the off-season is doable.

Sometimes you simply don’t have the luxury of waiting for the perfect time to replace your windows and doors. If this is your situation, don’t panic—there are ways to prepare for, and even a couple potential advantages of, an off-season installation. Here’s a few key things to do or consider, to make the best of it:

  • Schedule the job for mid-morning on the warmest day possible.
  • Use silicone-based caulk instead of latex or acrylic (it’s better for adhesion, waterproofing, and weatherization).
  • Use sealant that has high joint movement capability.
  • Work on one window or door at a time.
  • For larger window projects, cover the opening with floor-to-ceiling plastic.

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