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What to Expect When Remodeling a Kitchen

What to Expect When Remodeling a Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects, and the results are so worth it if you work with a great kitchen remodel contractor. Sometimes people get so excited thinking about the future results, however, that they might forget about one major question: how to cook during a kitchen remodel. Obviously, after demolishing kitchen walls, counters, cabinets, etc. to install new, fresh versions, it’s going to be nearly impossible to whip up your nightly dinner, or even let the kids pack their lunches for school unless you have a backup plan. When you understand the kitchen remodel timeline and are well prepared with a makeshift kitchen set up, you can get through it without eating out every night.

Kitchen Remodel Checklist and Timeline

Kitchen remodeling projects don’t happen overnight, and usually, there is a significant amount of lead time ahead of the point where we start to demo kitchen cabinets and other things. First, let’s talk about the timeline and what to expect, and then we will discuss how to eat well when your kitchen is being remodeled.

Kitchen remodel checklist and timeline

1. Initial Design and Consultation Process: 1-2 months

This includes initial meetings with our design team, creating the plans, ordering materials, and making important preparations. The Silva Construction Group team will help you with the budgeting, planning, designing for optimum kitchen storage space, functionality, and beauty. We will also make suggestions about how to prepare your family for cooking and eating away from the kitchen. We suggest downloading our kitchen design eBook to get your creative juices flowing before this stage of the process. Here is the basic order of a kitchen remodel so you’ll know what to expect:


2. Gutting a Kitchen: 3-4 Days

It’s loud, it’s dusty. Prepare your family to spend some time away for peace and quiet, and have your makeshift kitchen already prepared. The kitchen will be inaccessible during this time.


3. Electrical Work: 1-2 Days

Electrical work

The first thing we need to install after the demolition is all of the new electrical systems that will support your updated appliances and extra outlets.


4. Installing New Kitchen Cabinets and Flooring: 1-2 Weeks


In addition to installing these foundational items, the electrician will make one more visit to ensure that everything is set and working properly during the last couple of days while the flooring and cabinets go in.


5. Kitchen Countertops: 7-10 Days

Installing counter tops

The kitchen countertops will be fabricated based on the design of the cabinets, so they need to be in place before the countertops are created. Once they’re measured, cut, polished, and prepared, it will take a little under a day to install them.


6. Appliances and Plumbing: 1-3 Days

It takes just a few days to install the new appliances to the electricity and plumbing. Things really start to look like your dream!


7. Tile and Backsplash Work: 2-3 Days

This is an exciting part of the project, as you see the beautiful details begin to take shape.


8. Painting: 2-3 Days

Painting the kitchen

Depending on the situation, the painting may take place before the cabinets are installed, or after.


9. Inspections, Detailing, Touch-Ups, and Clean-Up: About 3 Days Total

The electrical and plumbing will be inspected, punch lists are made and evaluated, and you’ll have a chance to check everything out and approve it yourself. Any necessary touch-ups will be made, and then a full clean-up will happen so that you can enjoy your new kitchen, finally!

How to Reduce the Stress of a Kitchen Makeover

Reduce stress of a kitchen remodel

Now that you have some idea of the kitchen steps and timeline, making sure you’re prepared as much as possible ahead of time is key. Here are some of the strategies that have helped preserve our clients’ sanity during kitchen remodeling projects in the past:



1. Designate a Safe Makeshift Kitchen Space

Ideally, this will not be the bathroom, although you may need to use those for temporary kitchen sinks. A place with a large table where you can plug in a microwave, crockpot, blender, and/or Instant Pot will do nicely. Maybe invest in a small fridge or keep a large cooler stocked with ice for perishables.


2. Separate and Pack It Up

You’ll need boxes and packing paper and a place to stash all of your kitchen items during the remodel. While packing, box things together with like items so that unpacking will go quickly once the remodel is finished. Make sure to separate things you’ll need for your makeshift kitchen to function and keep those items in that area.


3. Remove Everything from the Kitchen

Empty kitchen

This includes artwork, computer equipment, cookbooks - literally everything you want to keep from getting dusty or broken in the process. You may also want to cover the furniture in adjacent rooms with drop cloths or sheets to protect them from excess dust as well; although we do use dust abatement procedures and zip closures to contain the dust as much as possible.


4. Plan Different Ways to Cook

Use cookbooks and get recipes for things you can make easily in the microwave, crockpot, toaster oven, Instant Pot, air fryer, or on your grill! If you can make freezer meals ahead of time, these can usually be heated up in several different ways and give you that home-cooked feeling.


5. Plan for Some No-Cook Options

Make sure to keep your blender out so you can make smoothies, and think about salads, sandwiches, fresh fruits, and other easy-to-prepare meals that you can throw together in a few minutes with very little equipment.

Schedule a Kitchen Remodeling Consultation Today

Although kitchen remodeling can be stressful, with good preparation, it’s very survivable and even enjoyable—and the end result is a fantastic new kitchen design that works better than the one you have now. Whether you decide to do just a kitchen remodel, or this will be part of your whole home remodel, schedule a consultation with Silva Construction Group today, and let’s discuss your dreams!

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