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7 Ideas for Remodeling Your Kitchen in Virginia

Even if your kitchen is in good shape, there are several remodeling projects that could help transform the space to be more contemporary and functional. The best place to start is identifying any elements that caused you frustration in the past year or anything that seems outdated or unpleasing.

kitchen with stainless steel appliancesPopular Remodeling Ideas

Once you’ve noted any maintenance or repairs to address in your kitchen remodel, start thinking outside the box and researching what kitchen features, color schemes, and materials are trending for 2020. Adding a few modern touches can make your kitchen more convenient, comfortable, and appealing, while also augmenting your overall home value.

To get you started with your project, here are a few kitchen remodeling ideas to consider:

1. Sustainable Materials

Modern society is becoming more eco-friendly, which is a good thing. You can get onboard with the trend by using sustainable and reclaimed materials for your kitchen cabinets and flooring. If you’re custom-making your cabinets, it’s easy to use reclaimed wood. Even big companies like IKEA, however, are moving toward eco-friendly materials in an effort to reduce and reuse.

2. Double Islands

Double islands have become a popular feature in modern kitchens because they expand the room’s function and help maintain comfortable traffic flow. With double islands, you have more space to work on and for storage of various items and appliances. They also can conveniently divide your kitchen into distinct meal preparation and dining/gathering areas.

3. Adding Textures

Even if you’re a person who prefers neutral tones and stays away from bright colors, you can make your kitchen more interesting and alluring by incorporating a variety of textures. Talk to a designer about mixing and matching different materials, such as shiplaps on the walls, brass or nickel hinges and latches, black marble countertops, a copper sink, warm-hued woods, and more.

4. Kitchen Plate Racks and Open Shelving

Plate racks and open shelves are considered antiques, but they’re expected to make a comeback in 2020. Plate racks can be mounted on your walls or set on countertops. These useful features address the critical issue of storage while simultaneously giving you a method for displaying unique and eye-catching dishware or other attractive heirlooms. Plus, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for if it’s out in the open, rather than tucked away.

5. Hidden Kitchen Appliances

More and more, homeowners are camouflaging their kitchen appliances by adding fronts that match their cabinetry, putting them out of sight behind cabinet panels, or installing steam ovens and warming drawers directly into a kitchen island. That doesn’t mean these kitchen appliances aren’t still accessible when you need them – they’re just not cluttering the space.

6. A Unique Backsplash

A slab backsplash adds a touch of drama to your kitchen without going overboard or making it look disorganized, according to Elle Décor. Also, extending your countertop material into the backsplash creates a cohesive look that streamlines the number of materials in your kitchen.

7. Don’t Completely Forgo Color

Neutral tones are a safe bet for creating a kitchen that won’t go out of style. However, a couple touches of bright color makes for a striking aesthetic. You can incorporate customized kitchen tiles into your backsplash for a pop of color that will complement other neutral tones or an all-white kitchen. Adding a touch of color to oven hoods and large appliances is also a fun way to express individuality and create a somewhat customized feel in your kitchen.

Remodeling Your Kitchen in 2021

Maybe your kitchen needs a complete overhaul to get it functioning properly. Maybe you simply want to touch up certain features to make the space more convenient and contemporary. Either way, remodeling your kitchen is a worthwhile goal for the New Year if you want to invest in and care for your home in Alexandria, Virginia. Whether your kitchen remodeling project is large or small, Silva Construction Group can help you plan, budget and execute the renovation to enhance the space so it better fits your personal needs and preferences.

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